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“Believing” but not receiving is a frustrating place to be

Here’s how I stepped over and Speak It® was birthed.

My first book, Speak It:® 30 Days of Saturation in Healing came to fruition from walking through a medical crisis with my daughter, Grace, in 2019. But really, it started back in 2009, when I was believing for healing for myself, my mother, and others, but I was not receiving.

I knew the Word was true. I believed when He said “Whoever believes in me will do the things I do and even greater…” (John 14:12), and I believed that “these signs shall follow those who believe… they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover…” (Mark 16:17-18). So why wasn’t I seeing it come to pass?!

I spent the next ten years (and still going) pressing in to the Word of God… It’s been through unraveling incorrect understanding of scripture, in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, that I learned to apply my own faith successfully and receive not only healing, but all the supernatural provision that is ours because of the Finished Work of Christ… read more

Wendy J. Clark preaching
Wendy J. Clark
Author/Founder of Speak It®

Mature your Christian walk with these powerful Bible study tools

The Finished Work of Christ and 30 Days of Saturation in Healing books

New Book Release Soon:

Total Saturation in
the Spirit-Empowered Life

We’ll train you to Host a group Study with the Author as guest speaker

One of the best ways to get deeper revelation of Biblical truth is to lead a group, even if it's just 2 or 3 people.

Wendy J. Clark will personally train you, then attend several meetings via zoom.

The Original Seed is beginning to sprout and grow

What is a Speak It® Declaration?

Speak It® Declarations are bible verses written in the first person and are intended to be meditated upon and spoken in fellowship with the Lord. The Sword of the Spirit in our hands, with added nuggets of understanding from the Greek and Hebrew, they are designed to ignite our faith, position ourselves to receive revelation, and release the power of God over our situation. We are stepping closer and closer to the Speak It® app—the original vision the Lord gave Wendy J. Clark back in 2009.

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Healing Speak It on a smartphone
Healing Speak It on a smartphone

Why Speak It®?

At the time of our greatest need, we don’t always remember key scripture verses. Speak It® is available at our fingertips throughout the day, so we can speak the power of God’s Word into our lives 24/7. As we meditate on these biblical truths in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, they will drop into our hearts as revelation that we will never forget (Psalm 103:1-5).

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